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Danielle McDaniel is best known since 1982 for her clay teaching program in the schools of middle Tennessee and The Clay Lady Way teaching modality for art educators. In 2007, Danielle and business associate, Tami Archer, purchased Mid-South Ceramic Supply and merged The Clay Lady’s Studio and The Clay Lady’s line of products into a facility on Lebanon Pike in Nashville, TN. Since the beginning, Danielle has worked to  accomplish her vision of a community of artists that learn, support and succeed together – The Clay Lady’s Campus. We hope you plan to visit us soon and see what can happen when artists create together!

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Our campus is home to 60 on-premise artists, a total of 75 Co-op Members, sees 275 students weekly for on-going pottery classes, hosts 100-200 children and adults weekly for field trips and tours, and provides 10 weekend workshops annually. The Campus is committed to 4 community outreach events each year (although last year we did 11)  raising thousands of dollars benefiting area art programs and creating opportunities that celebrate art; bringing together artists and art enthusiasts.

We have three buildings on our campus which are home to The Studio, The Artist Co-op & Galleries, Studio B and Mid-South Ceramic Supply.


You can schedule a guided tour of The Campus for your adult group at no charge. We will put a pot of coffee on for you as you visit with the artists in their studios making their art, browse and shop the galleries as well as see the studio and supply store. Please call in advance to schedule. Ask for Denise.

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The Clay Lady’s Campus is a host venue for:
Creative Mornings, Camp David, TN Association of Woodturners, Tennessee Craft, TAEA, Frist, ARTable, Potter’s Council, City Side and more!

The Co-op Artists are in their studios, always ready to tell you about their creative process and show their finished work! We look forward to your visit to see what happens when artists create together!

City Side Neighborhood

The Clay Lady’s Campus is located in City Side—Nashville’s newest identified neighborhood! We are a strong neighborhood of businesses and residences that continue to innovate our city’s strong future by having a unified vision and clear purpose for our area of workforce housing, support for small business and convenient access to downtown Nashville.