Culinary Arts

Housing a wood fired oven from Naples, Italy, we create authentic Italian pizzas in 850 degrees.

We take crafting pizzas to another level. Wheeling around our 3,000lb Italian made pizza oven, we take our craft seriously. But let’s be real, it’s pizza, how serious can we be?

The 20 fit trailer houses everything we need to make a delicious pizza, and your event spectacular. We boast over our ability to turn a piece of raw dough into your pizza in 70 seconds flat. Piping hot pizza that is enjoyed with the cheese still bubbling, how it was always meant to be. (Don’t worry we don’t actually put it in your hands, no burning is involved.) We would love for you to come hang out by our fire.

 We serve shaved ice, or as we like to call them, Snoballs. If you’ve never heard of a Snoball, it’s like a snow cone, but WAY BETTER!!!

Snoballs are shaved from a block of ice. This method produces ice that tastes like freshly fallen snow! We then add syrups that we mix ourselves, containing NO HFCS and quality PURE CANE SUGAR.

Our favorite part is creating unique, fun flavors such as Vanilla Toasted Coconut, Chocolate Covered Cherry, Mango Pineapple, Strawberry Lemonade, and many more! We have a revolving menu, and we love requests from our customers!

There’s almost NOTHING better than a Snoball on a hot summer day. Follow us on twitter or visit to see where we are, and come get some SHAVED ICE!!!

Hoss’ Loaded Burgers is Nashville’s only gourmet burger food truck. Our burgers start with 1/3lb of hand-patted, 100% grass-fed & local beef, then we stuff it full of cheesy goodness, and top it with fresh vegetables, homemade sauces, flavorful herbs and spices, and a bakery fresh bun. The end result is a flavor explosion that you have to experience yourself in order to fully appreciate. And for our vegan and vegetarian patrons, we offer a vegan variation for every burger, so no one get’s left out.