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Project Description

I appreciate the hidden ceremonies of daily life. Whether it is reaching for that special coffee mug on a Saturday morning, or hosting a dinner party and using a platter or big salad bowl perfect for a crowd,  I am inspired by the idea of pots being an integral part of making memories. To that end, I reverse engineer my pots around favorite recipes and plants, and I use imagery on my pots that has meaning- personal and symbolic (vintage textiles, nature, maps). Making something of simple beauty that will become part of someones life is what inspires me to be an artist- specially a potter of functional work.

A fun fact about me-  I love to collaborate- to work with other artists or customers to make an idea literally take form. Dishes based on the wallpaper in your grandmothers kitchen- love it! A set of cups for that super-secret-eggnog recipe- done!