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Project Description

I love making anything by hand, whether its homemade chocolate chip cookies, a new barn door, or my own spoon rest; I love the creative process. But, I also value relationships, so I create pieces out of clay that tell a story & take you back in time. Each piece has either my great grandmother’s handmade doile or lace from a dear friends wedding dress pressed into the clay, giving each piece a story with texture and movement.

I love what art brings out of me and others. I believe we can experience healing from the arts. So, I spend my free time volunteering with after school programs engaging in the arts, working with foster kids and longing for healing from trauma. I believe we are all made by and in the image of the ultimate creator and artist. And we all have creative potential- whether we know it or not. It might be cooking, writing, or decorating, but there is an artist in all of us because we were meant to soar.

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