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Project Description

My mission is to inspire, create, and express beauty. I do this through clay. The art of clay has attracted me for over 20 years. After throwing my first piece on the wheel at age 9, I knew ceramics would be a part of my life and my future. I’m largely self taught and have been honing my ideas and skills in community courses since 2008. At the beginning of 2011, I left my corporate career to realize my dream of becoming a full time artist.

I’ve traveled the world and each piece I create reflects an inspirational taste from my journeys. From the jade markets of Burma, the colors of the Caribbean, to the exposed rock cliffs of Tennessee, my creations are a manifestation of my life experiences. I’m constantly exploring new textures, colors and am drawn to intricate patterns. In my pieces you’ll find the clean & controlled combined with the raw & rustic. The complexity and attention to detail make each piece unique.