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Project Description

Sarah Longnecker of Sylvan Clayworks was founded in 2012 in Nashville, TN by Sarah Longenecker. Best known for ceramic tableware found at The Treehouse Restaurant and Wall Sculptures made by hand. Today, with her studio on The Clay Lady’s Campus, she brings together designing, making and selling to offer beautiful, high-quality ceramic products of all types that blur the line between everyday trinkets and detailed decor. Most inspired by nature, color pallets, and emotions. Her creativity comes out through detailed floral designs and unique glaze finishes. Working primarily in muted underglazes, it allows for a wonderful blending for spontaneity and control. As a result, the ceramic paintings are a fusion of ┬árealistic and interpretative elements. Most projects begin with a preliminary sketch in watercolor to determine composition, value pattern and colors; that is design is transferred onto the clay and remade in a new way.

Project Details