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Nashville Clayscape Celebration

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Join us for the Nashville Clayscape Celebration on Saturday, September 11, 2021 at 10am on The Clay Lady’s Campus for an artist talk with Tamara Gentuso.

The Nashville Clayscape is a public art installation by Tamara Gentuso, celebrating an amazing community–both The Clay Lady’s Campus community and the wider Nashville community. Explore and find your neighborhood! What do you get when you mix a ton of clay, over a hundred jars of underglaze, a determined artist’s dream, and a supportive art community?… The Nashville Clayscape! 

Conceived and created by clay artist Tamara Gentuso, the work on this whimsical tile map began in May 2017. Three years later, in May 2020, all 192 square-foot handmade tiles were completed and installed. Circling this 8’ x 25’ folk art map is a border of  3-inch tiles made by people from the Nashville community, marking the completion of the Nashville Clayscape. 

Warping the map grid to squeeze more into densely populated areas, Tamara created a separate template for each individual tile. Each building was hand crafted, each landmark sculpted, each home carefully carved and then underglazed with vibrant  colors, mirroring Nashville’s colorful character. 

With Nashville ever-growing and ever-changing, this public art installation serves as a snapshot, a sliver of time in the life of this beautiful city we have come to know and love… and call home. 

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