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The 2016 Clay Way Invitational

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We are honored to host The Clay Way Invitational, bringing together 3 generations of clay artists. This Invitational will be featured in our gallery from May 6th-June 10th, 2016. Please join us Friday evening for the Opening Reception May 6, 2016 from 5-7pm on our Campus.

Featuring the Family Trees of….

Chuck Hindes–Dan Murphy–Shasta Krueger
Don Reitz–David Gamble–Jane Archambeau
Jim Lawton–Martha Grover–Samantha Briegel
Alex Karros–Julia Galloway–Kirsten Bassion
Beth Cavener–Nan Jacobsohn–Beth Cavener
Puryear Mims–Alan LeQuire–Jeff Slobey
Lee Marshall/Jill Tortorella–Tracey Gamble–Pat Stanton
Brad Schwieger–Matt Wilt–Meredith Nichols & Harry Kunhardt
Frans Wildenhain–Ron Meyers–Steve Driver/George McCauley
Shoji Hamada–Cynthia Bringle–Gertrude Graham Smith
Peter Callas/Thad Duhigg–Scott Ross–Skylar Gibbons
Bruce Dehnert–Julia Whitney Brown–David Stieglitz
Joyce Michaud–Kirstin Muller–Jacklyn Scott
Steve Frazier–Lee Benson–Paige Ward
Mckenzie Smith–Caroline Cercone–Sarah Dark
Tom&Ginny Marsh–Fong Choo–Jeff Diehl
Peter Beasecker–Lynne Hobaica–Rachael Morlock

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