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The Clay Lady Way is the descriptor used since 1982 for Danielle~The Clay Lady’s method of teaching clay to students of all ages; used by art teachers and artists nationally:

• A modality for art teachers to teach their students with successful projects, affordable products, and a time-saving, single firing.

• An updated and understandable way for artists to learn the potter’s wheel and handbuilding.

• The Clay Lady’s Products encompass a line of techniques and educational materials to create with clay simply and successfully for both art teachers and artists!


The Clay Lady’s Product Line is used by both Art Teachers & Artists! From all cone Prepared Slips and WaterColors, to Low-fire Glazes, and Textured Glazes,  these products expand your surface decoration techniques! Explore using Clay Paints for single firing or traditional bisque fire. Traditional fire or single fire the Low-Fire Opaque Glazes. Use the Textured Glazes over a Clay Painted surface or WaterColors for a majolica technique. The options are endless for you!

The Clay Lady’s Lesson Book by Danielle McDaniel


The Clay Lady’s Lesson Book – Practical Lessons for the Studio and the Spirit of The Potter

Celebrating 40 years of teaching, this book includes all the lessons of the pottery studio taught by Danielle~ The Clay Lady. In The Clay Lady’s Lesson Book, Danielle McDaniel shares a lifetime of practical lessons for the studio and the spirit of the potter in a concise, understandable way.  Written for the beginning potter to the professional, The Clay Lady’s belief that everyone is an artist resonates on every page. This book explores topics from the history of clay, cones, and kilns to throwing, glazing, and selling all the while exploring the calling to be an artist.

Written by Danielle McDaniel~The Clay Lady

240 pages, photos throughout

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