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How To Teach Clay…The Clay Lady Way spiral bound manual has been a standard for art teachers since 1996. Now revised and updated with 6 additional projects ( for a total of 14) and computer kiln information, this manual is 70 pages of clear and simple information to make teaching clay successful: classroom management, step by step projects, how to make and complete (with color) clay projects in one sitting and a one-time firing method that guarantees no blow-up! Useful for new teachers or anyone that wants to simplify clay teaching in the classroom.

Written by Danielle McDanielle~The Clay Lady

Published by The Clay Lady’s House Publishing Room

Layout and Design by: Kari Andrews

Illustrated by Ruth Milsap

ISBN 0-9654074-0-3

Library of Congress Control Number 96-96953

67 pages Weight .8 lbs

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