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Tennessee Potter’s Society provides meetings to gather potters of all experience and skill levels for celebration, preservation, and education to ensure a strong community and sustainable industry for clay artists.


Saturday, August 27, 3:00-5:00 PM


The Clay Lady’s Campus
1416 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, Tennessee 37210


The focus of our meeting is how we as potters, which are usually solitary workers, are stronger together than apart.  

We will have speakers, Q&A, table talk with specific topics and of course, networking and conversation!


First year dues: 2 mugs. One for a mug exchange with attendees and one for a donation to Cups of Co-opportunity, an event that benefits Borderless Arts of Tennessee, an arts organization for artists with disabilities. 


Each meeting will have different potters with various experience and backgrounds that share of their experience as Tennessee Potter’s followed by Q&A. 





Chelsea faith ceramics was born from a yearning to work with my hands again after retiring from being a hairstylist after having my son. I instantly fell in love with the art form and knew that it was something I wanted to pursue but had no clue just how big it would be for me. My business started in the early months of 2020 and when the pandemic hit it was what kept our family going. During that time my business exploded, within months my Instagram grew by thousands, my shop continued to sell out and before I knew it my little ole hobby was a full blown business. More recently, I opened my very first studio and pop up store.



Roy got into pottery because he thought it looked easy. An art student at MTSU, he happened upon other art students in a pottery studio and ​told himself it would be a piece of cake.

Roy chose clay to express himself because of its spontaneity, sculptural and utilitarian aspects. The use of the potter’s wheel and hand-building techniques are used in the productions of his forms since 1970. 



Tom Turnbull creates exquisite pottery—the culmination of a life dedicated to ceramics. Tom’s father was a pioneer who produced clay for the burgeoning field of ceramic arts in the early 60s. He founded Standard Ceramic Supply where Tom learned about clay production and was inspired by the many talented potters who sought his father’s technical expertise.

Tom’s mastery of his craft began with apprenticeships with Charles Counts, author of Common Clay, renowned folk-art potter Legatha Walston, and studied with Bauhaus-trained master potter Marguerite Wildenhain. In 1986, Tom founded Mid-South Ceramic Supply Company, developing the highly-acclaimed Opulence Glaze™ line. Both company and patents were sold to an international corporation and Tom now devotes himself to pottery full-time. He is a craftsman, an artist, and a glaze chemist who is breaking ground by painting with glaze on porcelain canvas.





Danielle McDaniel~The Clay Lady

2022-2023 Representative of Tennessee Potter’s Society




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