Teach Clay…The Clay Lady Way

What Is The Clay Lady Way®?

The Clay Lady Way is a modality of teaching clay developed during The Clay Lady’s teaching career. It is a simple and streamlined method that makes your teaching easy and successful. It will work for artists of any age and any skill level.

A Simple, Enjoyable Way to Teach Clay to Students

#1 Effective Projects and Lesson Plans
Let The Clay Lady support your clay-making or teaching endeavors by sharing over 35 years of experience, hand-built projects, curriculum, wheel lessons, class management, & firing schedules via instructional books, DVDs or inservices.

#2 Make, Paint & Complete Project in One-Sitting
The Clay Lady’s Clay Paints are the heart of The Clay Lady Way. Clay Paints are prepared slips, formulated to use on just-made projects. Choose from 19 colors that do not change color in a low-fire C/05 firing. The Clay Lady’s Clay Paints are very inexpensive with an indefinite shelf life.

#3 One-Time Firing Method
Let projects air-dry, then clear glaze and fire only once to complete. The Clay Lady’s once-firing schedule guarantees no blow-ups! Projects come out of the kiln colorful, shiny, food-safe, and will last forever!

The Clay Lady Way is not just a method, but a philosophy all art teachers would benefit from by knowing.”

-Tennessee Elementary Teacher

In college, I learned about clay but not how to teach clay. The Clay Lady Way makes me a great teacher!

-Tennessee High School Teacher

Most ceramic processes are taught by professional potters or college professors who have never worked in a classroom with children. The Clay Lady Way is the first to offer information and projects that will work in my classroom.”

-Alabama Middle School Teacher