The Clay Lady Way®

In 1982, Danielle taught her first clay class not knowing how that single step would begin her journey as The Clay Lady®. Her love of clay turned into a national enterprise as over the years, her teaching style developed into a modality that has transformed art curriculum in thousands of schools and studios across the country.

The Clay Lady Way was developed during her 30 years teaching on-site to groups of 50 -100 artists at one time, bringing the opportunity to design successful class management and to curate a system of entertaining projects completed in one sitting with only a single firing. Sharing this information to art teachers across the country via books, inservices, and videos has become the joy of Danielle~The Clay Lady’s career.

#1 Successful Projects and Lesson Plans

Danielle~The Clay Lady shares all her information and projects to art teachers via instructional books, videos, and inservices.

#2 Make, Paint & Complete Project in One-Sitting

The Clay Lady’s Clay Paints are prepared slips, formulated to use on just-made projects for completion in one lesson. Choose from 19 colors that do not change color in a low-fire C/05 firing which cover in just one coat! The Clay Lady’s Clay Paints are very inexpensive with an indefinite shelf life.

#3 Single Firing Method

Let projects air-dry, then dip into The Clay Lady’s Clear Glaze to bring a beautiful shine to The Clay Paints. Immediately load into the kiln and single-fire to complete. Projects come out of the kiln colorful, shiny, and food-safe! Projects can be back to the artists in as little as 6 days!

Danielle~The Clay Lady expanded her reach into the clay community with The Clay Lady’s Campus and Mid-South Ceramics, using the systems and products developed for art teachers to expand the experience of potters, handbuilders, and sculptors.

Learning clay doesn’t have to be hard! Using step by step lessons, simplifying processes, and sharing higher level learning in a way that is updated and understandable for beginning artists to learn the potter’s wheel and handbuilding quickly and easily! Danielle~The Clay Lady shares expanded surface decoration with The Clay Lady’s products and all her studio lessons in The Clay Lady’s Lesson Book!

Take What You Think, Take What You Feel,
Mix It All Up, And Make Something Real!

Since 1982, this motto has been repeated by The Clay Lady and her students in every class and workshop. It encompasses her philosophy surrounding the greatness and goodness of being an artist; it goes beyond creating a clay project. It asks the artist to consider the call that artists not only make beautiful things, but they are called to make the world a more beautiful place.

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The Clay Lady’s Lesson Book
– Practical Lessons for the Studio and the Spirit of the Potter

A book full of information about throwing, glazing, firing,
as well as pricing, setting up a studio, and the calling to be an artist.


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