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In 1982, Danielle taught her first class not knowing how that single step would begin her journey as The Clay Lady®. Her love of clay turned into a national enterprise as over the years, her teaching style developed into a modality that has changed art curriculum in thousands of schools and studios across the country. She is honored to share her life’s work with others, and she enjoys the far-reaching influence of The Clay Lady Way®. She lives her true joy every day when teaching clay workshops and classes in the studio and growing The Clay Lady’s Campus!

A Selection of The Clay Lady's Videos

Intro to Teaching Clay to Children - The Clay Lady Way

The Clay Lady's Line of Products

Teaching Kids, The Clay Lady Way- Angel Project

Throwing a Pot on the Potter's Wheel Pt. 2

Pottery Trimming Tutorial

Throwing a Chip & Dip on the Pottery Wheel

Throwing Large Pieces on the Pottery Wheel (Lidded Jar / Planter)

Throwing a Plate on the Pottery Wheel

Handbuilding Tools and Techniques with The Clay Lady

Controlling the Variables with The Clay Lady

Firing Temperatures of Clay with The Clay Lady

Glazing 101 with The Clay Lady

How To Create a Glaze Chart with The Clay Lady

Discover The Clay Lady’s Products and Supplies

The Clay Lady Way® includes over 35 years of experience with tested products, classroom/studio management and a single-firing technique that guarantees your students’ success (and yours)! The Clay Lady Way instructional materials include step-by-step projects, products for ‘make and paint’ in one sitting and single-firing schedules. For the experienced teacher or the beginner, The Clay Lady Way is full of new techniques and ideas!

Now with NEW products, The Clay Lady Way is for teachers AND artists! Low-fire Glazes, WaterColors and Textured Glazes expand the surface decoration palette beyond a slip covered project! Explore using traditional bisque fire for the Low-Fire Opaque Glazes or using the Textured Glazes over a Clay Painted surface of WaterColors for a majolica technique. The options are endless for you!

The Clay Lady’s Clay Paints

The Clay Lady’s Low-Fire Glazes

The Clay Lady’s Watercolors

The Clay Lady’s Texture Glazes

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