Nurturing Creativity Through Life-Giving Community

The Clay Lady’s Artist Co-op and Galleries

Our History

Danielle~The Clay Lady and Tami Archer purchased Mid-South Ceramic Supply Company in 2007. By 2010, the Pottery Studio expanded, growing from 25 students to 150 students. Due to the increase in these students’ skill level, Danielle wanted to offer them an even better opportunity for creative growth. These artists needed more than just a class but weren’t ready or able to setup an in-home studio. At this juncture, the building next door to Mid-South Ceramic Supply became available, and thus The Clay Lady’s Artist Co-op began.

The entire building was made ready by a core group of eight artists (all were students from the studio) and by Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The artists came in every day for five weeks to paint, scrape, scrub, demolish and build what was needed to create a home for artists’ private studios and galleries where they could sell their work.

With this spirit of giving and volunteerism which began at the birth of the Co-op, the tone was set for this community of artists. Every artist involved understands that giving is the beginning of receiving. The Co-op raised over $4,000 in its first four months for area art programs. The practice of crediting an amount off an artist’s studio fee for every hour that the artist gave The Co-op was created at this beginning and is still a substantial part of our community today. “The more involved you are, the less you pay”.

Call us to schedule a time to come in and learn more about becoming part of our community.

Artist Studios

We provide opportunities in a mentoring, supporting and educational community for emerging and professional artists. We have grown from 8 to 30 artists in the Artist Co-op and 20 more artists in Studio B on our Campus. We’ve been fully rented for the last eight years with a wait list. Recently, we added 10 new apprentice spaces in order to support the growth of our artist community and to expand our mission, “Artists working together to provide a supportive, nurturing and educational environment for each artist to succeed individually.”

Co-op Events

The Co-op is committed to six community outreaches per year, bringing together artists and art enthusiasts. Join us by donating funds for Borderless Arts TN, celebrating the The Co-op’s birthday by throwing pots against the wall, or dropping by our studios for conversations. See what happens when artists create together!

Our Galleries

Our Gallery is a 10,000 square foot facility providing 25 emerging and professional artists gallery opportunities and private studio space. We are open to the public for you to shop as well as visit with the artists in their studios. We have the Main Gallery and a small Gift Gallery. Our Featured Artist Gallery showcases work from a different Co-op Artist each month, highlighting their unique style. Artists have more selections for sale in their studios.

Our Main Gallery

Schedule a formal guided tour of The Campus. We will put on a pot of coffee for you as you visit with the artists in their studios, making their craft. Browse and shop the Galleries, Pottery Studio and Supply Store.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10:00-4:00 and Saturday 10:00-2:00, Mondays by appointment

The Clay Lady’s Campus Artists

“Visit us and see what happens when artists create together!”