The Clay Lady Way is a modality of teaching clay developed during The Clay Lady’s teaching career. It is a simple and streamline method that makes your teaching easy and successful. Although easy for you, it will work for any skill level of any age artist.

Easy As:

#1 Effective Projects and Lesson Plans
Let The Lady support your clay making or teaching endeavors by sharing over 30 years of experience, hand-built projects, curriculum, wheel lessons, class management, & firing schedules via instructional books, DVD’s or inservice.

#2 Make, Paint & Complete Project in One-Sitting
The Clay LAdy’s Clay Paints are the heart of The Clay Lady Way.  Clay Paints are prepared slips formulated to use on just-made projects, 19 colors from which to choose that do not change color in a low-=fire C/06 firing, and are very inexpensive with an indefinite shelf life.

#3 One-Time Firing Method
Let projects air-dry, then clear glaze and fire only once to complete. The Clay Lady’s Firing Schedules guarantee no blow-ups! Projects come out of the kiln colorful, shiny, food safe, and will last forever!

The Clay Lady, The Clay Lady Way, and The Clay Lady Definition of Being An Artist are federal trademarks of Danielle McDaniel and are protected under federal trademark laws.

Reviews of The Clay Lady Way of teaching clay in the classroom……
“In college I learned about clay but not how to teach clay. The Clay Lady Way makes me a great teacher!”

“The Clay Lady Way is not just a method but a philosophy all art teachers would benefit from by knowing.”

“Most ceramic processes are taught by professional potters or college professors who have never worked in a classroom with children. The Clay Lady Way is the first to offer information and projects that will work in my classroom.”


 How to Teach Clay…The Clay Lady Way
Annual Teacher Inservice Saturday, September 16th, 8:30-4:30 held at The Clay Lady’s Campus in Nashville, TN
Danielle ~ The Clay Lady teaches the basics of The Clay Lady Way, The Clay Lady’s Clay Class Curriculum and How To Teach The Potter’s Wheel…The Clay Lady Way. Includes 2 hands-on workshops, lunch, an “I Teach Clay…The Clay Lady Way” apron and certification.
Per Teacher $225.
Returning Teacher $175.
This registration deadline has passed.

At your Facility:
8-Hour ~ How To Teach Clay… The Clay Lady Way ® Teacher inservice will provide you with not only the opportunity to make a Clay Lady project, but you will also learn how to teach clay effectively, how to buy minimal supplies for maximum experience, how to buy, repair, and fire the kiln, and how to teach all of The Clay Lady’s proven projects.
12 teacher minimum, no maximum……. Per Teacher $125.
plus traveling considerations

3-Hour ~ How To Teach Clay…The Clay Lady Way
Teacher inservice is held at your location or The Clay Lady’s Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. An abbreviated version customized to fit your teachers needs and situation.
12 teacher minimum, no maximum……. Per Teacher $75.
plus traveling considerations

Keynotes and Conference Workshops ~
Let Danielle ~The Clay Lady share her philosophy, experience and modality at your conference or convention. Please call for references and fee considerations.

Visit the store and check out The Clay Lady Way books, DVDs, clay paints, teaching kits, and more!

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Danielle enjoys sharing The Clay Lady Way®, which encompasses over 30 years of her teaching modality, experience, philosophy, and practical business practices. Her schedule fills up to 12 months in advance, so it is never too early to contact her and schedule an inservice, speaking engagement, consulting appointment or keynote. Prices vary according to your circumstances and traveling considerations.

List of honors, awards, previous conference workshops and speaking engagements available upon request. References available upon request.
Click here to watch a talk I gave on “The reality of being an artist” at Creative Mornings Nashville

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Next to being a mother, being The Clay Lady is the greatest joy of my life. At times I have been an observer of myself, watching how life spills forth when I am doing what I love. I have been in awe of the serendipitous moments when desire met opportunity. I never dreamed of being The Clay Lady. I just dreamed and The Clay Lady became me.

I have been not only a part of people’s experiences with clay but with experiences of themselves brought on by the clay. I have truly been humbled knowing how, when I least expect it , I have been used as an instrument by Life. It is at these moments I know I am on purpose.

I have the honor of knowing the wonderful diversity of the human race. I have taught all kinds of artists, in all kinds of situations, and I can say this with certainty:

We are all the same in that at the core we all have the desire to express. The miracle is that it is this very expression that makes us all different.

My mission is to nurture this universal desire to express in every artist I meet and to respect the diversity the expression creates. I can only hope you also try and follow this mission as you Teach Clay… The Clay Lady Way.

Thank You for the Teaching Opportunity,
Danielle~The Clay Lady®