Community Questions
  1. Is the whole campus open for me to see?
    You can visit the entire campus during business hours exploring the studios, the gallery, Mid-South Ceramics and meeting the resident artists.  Call ahead and we will have one of our staff members or resident artists give you a personal tour! We welcome you to take your time and visit with the artists in their studios as you shop The CLC Gallery.  If classes are in progress, you can walk through to see what creative work they are making! Be sure and visit Mid-South Ceramics to shop and get a flyer on classes and workshops!
  1. Are your events family friendly?
    Unless noted, all our events are family friendly and free!
  1. How do I get a personal studio on The Clay Lady’s Campus?
    Our resident artist studios have been fully rented the entire 15 years we have been at this location.  We always have a wait list but would enjoy the opportunity to visit with you and see how we can serve you best (and get you on the waiting list)!
  1. Is the artwork in The CLC Gallery for sale?
    We have a wonderful array of price points on amazing work made by our resident artists and visiting instructors.  The CLC Gallery is a perfect place to find a gift for someone special of for yourself!
Education Questions
  1. Can I drop in and make something out of clay?
    We only have scheduled workshops and classes, so no drop-in making opportunities are available.  We do have Make at Home Clay kits that can be bought at Mid-South Ceramics and made at your home or in our Clay Café! Frequently we have workshops that are open to artists with no to little experience. Check out our Workshops page on this website to see a current listing.
  1. Why is it so hard to get into your classes?
    We have 500 students with a 90% retention rate! Not only are they happy with the quality of education they receive in our studios, but also because clay is a learning process that students invest years in once they learn the basics.  Once a student, you have the opportunity to register for a class one week before Open Registration.  By the day of Open Registration – we usually only have 35-40 spots left.  Do know we have some expansion plans in the works and soon we will have room for everybody!
  1. Why are all your classes open to beginners?
    We believe in a progressive way of art education by having all skill levels in every class for a community building and exchange of information.  For skill specific education, we offer workshops for artists with no experience as well as Level-Up Classes, Skills building workshops, Master Series workshops, and conferences for artists that want to reach a higher level of skill.
  1. Can I earn a degree at your Campus?
    You cannot earn a degree or certification, but you do get a level of education that is more than most community art centers.  We have several alternative firing options, teach many techniques, and have highly qualified instructors.  We have many artists that started off as students and now are full time career clay artists.
  1. Do you offer anything other than pottery classes?
    Yes! We offer sculpture classes, stained glass classes, fused glass workshops and some fiber and painting.  We are honored to have the Tennessee Woodturners Association meet on our Campus and offer “turn-ins”, workshops, and conferences.
  1. Is The Clay Lady the same lady that came to my school when I was a kid?
    Yes. And she would love to see you in the studio to make art with clay again!
Supply Questions
  1. I don’t understand how Mid-South Ceramics is part of The Clay Lady’s Campus.
    The Clay Lady’s Campus consists of 4 buildings that hold 65 resident artist studios, 2 public education studios, The CLC Gallery Event Space and Mid-South Ceramics.  In our largest building, Mid-South Ceramics is the resource for all things clay related.  We manufacture Opulence Glaze and The Clay Lady’s Products assuring you of the highest quality of glaze and surface decoration for C/6 and C/06.  Staffed by working artists, you will receive the best service and advice since we are committed to your creative journey as much as our own!
  1. Will you help me with my purchasing? I’m kinda new at this and it seems a bit overwhelming.
    Absolutely! Be open to our suggestions and experience.  You will get what you need to get started.  We hope to be serving you for a lifetime!
  1. I like to make with clay but don’t have a Kiln. Can you help me?
    We have a wonderful Public Firing program where you can pay by the piece, the kiln shelf, or the full kiln. We recommend that you purchase your clay and glazes from us so we can be assured of the proper firing temperature. Once you go through the Public Firing program once, you will be able to do a self-service drop off and pick up.
  1. Why is shipping so expensive for clay?
    Because clay is heavy! We will always search for the best shipping price and shipper for you. Of course, pick-up is always available at Mid-South Ceramics.
  1. I’m a new art teacher that did not learn how to teach clay in college, can you help me?
    Danielle~The Clay Lady had dedicated her career to supporting art teachers with an effective and affordable clay program.  The Clay Lady Way includes inservices, instructional books, single firing methods, and products that guarantee a successful teaching program. Find more information on our The Clay Lady Way page.
  2. I have a kiln but it doesn’t work, can you help me?
    We have a kiln repair service. For more information, give Mid-South Ceramics a call to visit with our trained and experienced kiln repair technician. 615-242-0300
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